Eurovision 2018 will have an all-female presenting line-up, according to reports.

The event will be held in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon in May and unlike last year's Eurovision in Kiev - which was hosted by three white men - the 2018 finals will feature four women on presenting duties.

What's more - and rather unusually - it will be hosted in Portuguese, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

One of the hosts will be actress Daniela Ruah, who stars in NCIS: Los Angeles, while she'll be joined by Filomena Cautela, Silvia Alberto and Catarina Furtado, all known for their presenting work in Portugal.

Last year's event was roundly criticised for failing to embrace the unofficial 'diversity and inclusion' remit that comes with Eurovision, but it sounds like that will be rectified by Lisbon.

Now all we need is a decent song for Ireland...