You may know They Might Be Giants primarily as the performers of the 'Malcolm in the Middle' theme song, but the American band have been around quite a while.

In fact, they're currently on a US tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of their album 'Flood'. At a recent gig, they proved that they're still capable of surprising their audience.

The New Yorkers debuted a new song called 'Stilloob' last Friday. Most fans would admit that it sounds pretty different to anything they'd done before, with unintelligible lyrics and a trippy art-pop vibe.

However, it turns out that the song was actually an old track - 'Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love' - played backwards, note for note.

It was played so perfectly that when someone reversed the footage and uploaded it to YouTube, it immediately recognised it and cited copyright infringement.

The band didn't comment on the song, but their slo-mo backward walking might have given it away.

Watch it below (and hear the original below that):