Love it or loathe it, 'Old Town Road' was one of those songs that was impossible to escape in 2019.

The Lil Nas X country-rap song even made Billboard chart history in the US after spending 19 consecutive weeks at number one. Considering that the young rapper bought the instrumental for $30 and recorded it in a day while staying on his sister's couch, it's a pretty impressive feat.

However, as much as you may have heard the young rapper insist that he was going to ride 'til he can't no more, you've never heard it sung like this.

As the Super Bowl ads are beginning to emerge, actor Sam Elliott (best known for his roles in the likes of 'Tombstone' and 'A Star is Born', as well as TV shows like 'Justified'), has thrown his hat into the ring.

Appearing in an ad for Doritos where he plays a cowboy entering a saloon, he recites lyrics from the song. The strange thing is that they actually work perfectly as a Western monologue (apart from the references to the Porsche, that is.) Either that, or Elliott could make anything work.

Considering it's just a teaser, we're already looking forward to the full-length version. In the meantime, we're off to re-watch Deadwood.

Watch it below: