Hip-hop is clearly a force to be reckoned with in 2020, with the genre crossing over to the mainstream in recent years in a way that it's never done before.

Of course, that also means that every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks they have the ability to rap - or in this case, every Will.

Will Naameh is a London-based comedian who has made his name doing improvised hip-hop under the name MC Hammersmith. His latest video is gaining a lot of traction on social media, going viral on Reddit and clocking up some series likes and views on Twitter and YouTube.

If you didn't know who he was, his 'bumbling posh Englishman' act would have you fooled - but to give him credit, he has a seriously impressive flow and some genuinely laugh out loud lines (our favourite is "I'm a bad motherf**ker, 'cos I keep f**king dads.")

If nothing else, it'll bring a smile to your face of a Tuesday.