The Boss is in town this weekend for what's set to be the gig of the summer, nay, year. Bruce Springsteen fans will see the man in action this Friday and Sunday night, but it turns out there could have been a third gig according to Aiken Promotions. However, "don't go there" is the party line on that one.

When asked if a third Croke Park concert was considered, Peter Aiken said; "Yes, but don’t go there. We could’ve done a third Ed Sheeran but what can you do about it."

Don't mention the war essentially, which was of course the infamous 'Garth Gate' of 2014 when the country music star's five concerts were cancelled as only three were allowed per year in the stadium.

Essentially, we all learned a valuable lesson. Don't mess with the Croke Park residents.

For the 160,000 fans who are going to attend, Peter Aiken has billed it as "the best gig of the summer".

"He’s probably the best live act I have ever seen and I’ve seen them all", he added

Fans are also being warned that there is no support act, and Bruce will be on stage for 7pm sharp. Check out all the details you'll need for both gigs here.

Via Irish Independent