If you've found yourself humming the theme song to 'That Thing You Do!' more often than usual recently, that's probably because the man who wrote it recently passed away.

Fountains of Wayne bassist Adam Schlesinger may no longer be with us, but his legacy lives on in songs like 'That Thing You Do!'.

It's also caused many fans to reappraise the 1996 film - and now several cast members are 'reforming' the film's fictional band The Wonders (or The Oneders, if you prefer) for a special charity event this week.


Steve Zahn, Ethan Embry, Johnathon Schaech and Tom Everett Scott will all partake in a Zoom video call this Friday where they'll watch the film along with fans. They've also promised an appearance by 'special guests' - which some have taken to mean Tom Hanks and/or Liv Tyler will join the fray.

They'll also do a Q&A after the film where they'll answer fan questions submitted via their social media accounts.

It's in aid of the MusiCares Relief Fund and also to pay tribute to Schlesinger.

Irish fans will have to stay up late to take part, though - it kicks off at 7pm, which means 11pm GMT on their YouTube channel.