Okay, this is just gross. The Wanted's Tom Parker (far left in above photo) will be arrested and landed with a $500 next time he attempts to enter the United States. His crime? He took a shit in a plastic bag while inside a moving vehicle and then - nice guy that he is - chucked it out of the window of the car onto the highway for some poor unfortunate to run over and leave second-rate boyband skidmarks all over their car. What an eejit. 

The incident took place in Colorado, which has a law that states: "Littering is a class 2 petty offence punishable, upon conviction, by a mandatory fine of not less than $500 upon a first conviction."

Tom's bandmate Jay McGuiness told the Daily Mirror newspaper: 'I am going to try to avoid Colorado right now, but if we do go, Tom needs to get $500 ready. That was the most expensive passing of a number two [Tom] will ever have.'

Siva Kaneswaran chimed in: 'It wasn't my s**t out the window ... Tom, it was his log.'

The 24-year-old - who left the country the next day - apparently couldn't wait to relieve himself, despite their tour bus driver telling Tom and his bandmates to wait until they pulled over before going to the toilet.

The boy band are also in trouble with the law in their native UK after it was claimed they threw champagne over a poet and verbally abused him from their hotel balcony in a London hotel.

Dr Todd Smith said: 'Suddenly I was hit with a lot of liquid ... There were three young guys laughing at me. One of them said, 'P**s and beer, mate.'

Fine upstanding gentlemen, the lot of them - we're sure you'll agree.