Welcome to The Vamps takeover on entertainment.ie!

We're Bradley, James, Tristan, and Connor from The Vamps and we've been given access to run amuck on the website for the whole day. We've been busy working away on new articles, taking over the Instagram account, we've even made our very own quiz for you down below - be sure to check it out.

Oh, and we've also just released our brand new record today, entitled 'Cherry Blossom'. Our newest single 'Better' is also out, so be sure to give them both a listen wherever you get your music from.

When we were asked to come up our own unique The Vamps quiz, we decided to give a shoutout to some of our favourite lyricists out there, by creating a lyrical quiz. We hope your memory is good enough to remember which songs each one is from (and you might spot a couple of ours in there too).

We've made it even more difficult by giving you a 60-second timer - don't let it run out!