Hi there! We're James, Tristan, Connor and Bradley from The Vamps. And we'd like to cordially welcome you to our entertainment.ie takeover.

In case you hadn't noticed, The Vamps are taking over the website for a whole day. We've been busy working away on writing articles, coming up with quizzes, and having a laugh with each other on social media.

We wanted to let you inside our brains for the day, and we've decided to create a list of our favourite albums that we never seem to get sick of listening to. We normally don't agree on everything as a band, but we're all pretty impressed with our choices below, and we hope you are too.

James McVey - I think that we al have slightly different tastes. So, I might go a bit rogue and say Damien Rice, a fantastic singer-songwriter. Either of his first two albums ('O' and '9') are an incredible pick. They've been out at least 15 years and I still listen to them quite often from start to finish.

Tristan Evans - What can you listen to that's timeless...? I think for me, I'll have to go for some newer releases. A huge inspiration in my eyes is Post Malone, and his albums are very important for me. In regards his songs, the production is top tier... Louis Bell's work (his record producer) is insane. Post Malone's voice, I could just listen to it constantly.

Connor Ball - Probably something like 'Vices & Virtues' by Panic! at the Disco. I think it was their third one. That's a banging album in my opinion.

Bradley Simpson - An album that I listen to, front to back and that I always really like, is Alt J's 'This Is All Yours'. That's a really great album that sticks out in my mind. It's just like the science of it, and it's like going on a journey with the band.

Tristan - But then there are albums like My Chemical Romance's 'The Black Parade', I think that's just an insane album. And Slipknot's 'All Hope Is Gone'  - those albums I could listen to all day, everyday. 'Enima Of The State' by Blink 182 is another one I could never get sick of

James - I was listening to it the other day, Good Charlotte's 'The Young And The Hopeless'  - let's go! That's so good.

Bradley - I'll add Paulo Nutini 'Caustic Love' - his newest one - that's amazing. I'm trying to think of first albums that I've listened to, like Arctic Monkey's with 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not' and it brings you right back.

Tristan - Maybe something a little bit weird, but that I love, are movie soundtracks. Like Disney's 'Moana' soundtrack soundscore is so good to listen to. The 'Gladiator' soundtrack by Hans Zimmer is a top choice too.

James - Awh, and the first Vamps album has some absolute bangers, just saying!

The Vamps' highly-anticipated fifth record 'Cherry Blossom' releases everywhere today.