Friday August 31st is a big day for The Vaccines. Their eagerly anticipated second album Coming of Age hits the shelves in Ireland on that day, as well as 9.30pm slot at the Electric Arena at Electric Picnic.

"I'm definitely looking forward to it", Vaccines bass player Arni Arnason told " We missed it last year actually because we had to cancel because of (singer's) throat and I'm really happy that, after that day, you guys didn't turn around and tell us to go f*ck ourselves! It's a very, very, very great festival. People all over talk about it, it's an amazing institution. I'm very much looking forward to it."

As for Come of Age, Arnason just wants to get it out. " As soon as you finish it, you don't want to have it anymore. You're almost praying for it to leak - not in a sinister way - but because everybody's asking you about it and everybody's talking about it and you just want people to listen to it."

The Vaccines are no strangers to Irish festivals, having performed at last Summer's Oxegen festival but Arnason is well aware of the differences between Oxegen and Electric Picnic. " Oxegen is loud and big and crazy", he said. " Not that I've been there myself, but from what I hear Electric Picnic is nice and easy. People come up to me and say, 'Arni, this is your place. If you ever go there, you will never want to leave'".