Can you guess what female musician might have earned the most $$$ in the past 12 months?

If you were making any sort of educated guess, you'd probably name Adele, given the insane success of her album '25' and her sold-out world tour that came in its wake.

The Londoner does feature quite highly on the list, compiled by Forbes - but she has not earned more than Taylor Swift in 2016, despite Swift's lack of a new album and not touring.

Swift clocked up an incredible $170 million (€153 million) over the last 12 months, beating Adele into second place with a comparatively paltry $80 million (€72 million). In fact, Swift was named the overall highest-earning celebrity for 2016 earlier in the year.

Other artists who featured in the top 10 include Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and strangely, Shania Twain.

See the Top 10 below:

1. Taylor Swift: $170m
2. Adele: $80.5m
3. Madonna: $76.5m
4. Rihanna: $75m
5. Beyonce: $54m
6. Katy Perry: $41m
7. Jennifer Lopez: $39.5m
8. Britney Spears: $30.5m
9. Shania Twain: $27.5m
10. Celine Dion: $27m