It's been a while since we've had a good ol' band feud, but there was a bit of a verbal argy-bargy on Twitter between Foals and The Strokes over the weekend.

More accurately, the beef was between Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis and The Strokes' tour managers, after both bands shared a bill at the TRNSMT festival in Glasgow on Saturday.

It all began after Philippakis tweeted "Hey one of the 5 unnecessary tour managers of @thestrokes come meet me in catering & eat my ass."

Someone replied to the tweet by posting a Reddit thread that gave another side of the story, with a fan claiming that Philippakis went to watch The Strokes' set from the side of the stage, but took umbrage when he was asked by security to show his AAA pass. One person accused him of 'pulling the 'Do you know who I am?' card'.

However, Philippakis disputed this version of events, saying that he had been invited by the band to watch their set and it was their tour manager that 'berated' him for not showing his pass.

The Strokes themselves have not commented on the kerfuffle, but one of their 'unnecessary' tour managers did share Philippakis's original tweet on Instagram with the caption 'You need to at least buy me dinner first.'

It hasn't been a good week for The Strokes all 'round: their festival in Roskilde came in for criticism thanks to frontman Julian Casablancas' 'erratic' behaviour, while their set at TRNSMT was rendered equally shambolic as some audience members claimed Casablancas was heavily intoxicated.