Okay, they seriously need to STOP TOYING WITH OUR EMOTIONS.

As much as we want a Spice Girls reunion to happen, even we're starting to get a little tired of the constant flip-flopping, teasing and rumours regarding the girl band getting back together. 

The latest installment in the saga has seen Victoria Beckham straight-up confirm that there will be no tour and no new material from Camp Spice, while remaining suitably vague about their future plans and basically passing off their meeting earlier this year as just a friendly get-together to discuss 'girl power'.

She told Grazia: "There is no tour, no more music from the Spice Girls, but it was great getting together with them. We were just saying Girl Power is such an important message and how do we communicate that?”

She added: "How do we pass the baton on, how does that look to future generations? And that’s what it’s about with us. It’s not all about the rumours about going on tour and recording new material. I think girl power has always been important. And now, for me, it’s about empowering women through fashion.”

With rumours of them playing the Royal Wedding next month, we may have to wait until after that to see if there will be ANY performances or what exactly they do - or don't - have planned. Either way, this whole 'will-they-won't-they' charade is starting to get a little bit tiresome.