Danny O'Donaghue and the boys return with the follow up to their worldwide smash hit debut. 'Science and Faith' delivers more meticulously produced R&B tinged pop that's sure to keep fans happy, but it's just a lot more of the same.

Whether you love or hate The Script, and most people do one or the other quite emphatically, you've got to admit there's something about the Dublin trio that sets them apart from other Irish pop acts. Perhaps it's that they manage to deliver catchy melodies in an immaculate sheen while entirely bypassing that cringe-tastic cheesy quality the rest of our pop stars have got going. After the phenomenal success of their self-titled debut there's a huge amount of expectation on 'Science and Faith' and The Script don't disappoint, as twelve snappy pop ballads are delivered with flair and finesse.

Twinkling piano, minor harmonies and soft rhythms make 'Walk Away' the strongest track here, while the funky plucked guitar and sweet strings of 'Deadman Walking' are immediately striking. There's no great revelation here though. If you've heard one Script single, you'll have a pretty good idea of what to find on 'Science and Faith'. With little variation between these admittedly agreeable tracks, the album's duration flies by, with little to catch the ear in either a particularly positive or negative way. What The Script do they do well, and no doubt 'Science & Faith' will be top of the charts for some weeks to come. They've found their niche, and by god they're sticking to it.