Dublin pop band The Script launched their new album, Science and Faith, last night in The Guinness Storehouse, with a swish afterparty in the gorgeous Gravity Bar upstairs. Apart from giving the launch an apt setting (they grew up on St James Street around the corner), it also paved way for some gags, "This is for all of our critics who said we couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery," cracked guitarist Mark, before kicking off a tight and entertaining set.

Mixing some new tracks with familiar hits from their self-titled debut album, there was a genuinely infectious atmosphere, as fans of the band who had won tickets through various outlets (ourselves included), shrieked whenever lead man Danny came within groping distance. It was a short, but most defiantly sweet showcase that surely impressed the amassed press from around the globe who had made their way to a rainy Dublin purely to hear the tracks performed. Whilst I'm fully aware that I'm currently hijacking Jenny's section, my knowledge of music is limited at best; but I know what I like, and I really enjoyed not just the set, but the majority of the new album. They've really made an effort to write an album that resonates, but not forgotten their pop routes.

You will have a much more informed opinion from the lovely Jenny soon, as she reviews the album whole; but from where I was standing, the new tracks went down a treat and should do the same when released for consumer consumption. Also, credit to Sony for a truly slick and lovely evening hosted by them. You can download Science and Faith today, while new single For The First Time is out now.

Mike Sheridan