We've never been to a gig before where the artist on stage is doing the buying - but fans attending The Script's gig in Brussels on Saturday were stood a round by the Dublin band for the day that was in it.

The trio broke a world record for 'biggest round ever bought' by shelling out for a drink for 8,000 fans at the Forest National on St. Patrick's Day.

Fans were issued with a token at the door to exchange for a drink of their choice and invited to raise their glass on the third song of the night, 'Paint the Town Green'.

It's not the first time The Script have attempted such a stunt on their 'Freedom Child' tour, either; they previously bought pizza for fans on National Pizza Day and Pancakes on Pancake Tuesday.

Now, this is a gig trend that we could really get on board with...

See the pic from Saturday's gig in Brussels below: