They may be pushing seventy years old but tales of rock n' roll excess are never too far from the Rolling Stones. The band were reportedly fined (if you believe The Sun, that is) the princely sum of £200,000 for breaking their curfew at their comeback show in London last Sunday evening. The band were supposed to strum their last note no later than 10.30pm but played for a further 35 minutes.

Who ends a gig at 10.30pm anyway? Okay, granted, the answer is probably "a bunch of seventy year old dudes do", but my question was more rhetorical.

The local council - killjoys, the lot of them - issued the group with the penalty but the band's agent, Bernard Doherty, responded with "The guys just do their thing. There wasn't a janitor standing there, jangling his keys, saying 'I want to go home'".

Trouble with the local council aside, the band's return to a London stage was said to be a roaring success. Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor temporarily rejoined the band, while Mary J Blige provided backing vocals on 'Gimme Shelter' while Jeff Beck also showed up to lend a hand.

Reports from the UK today suggest that Florence Welch (she of the Machine) will join the band for their next show on Thursday November 29th.