Glasgow has long been a breeding ground for talented indie outfits, with local independent label Chemikal Underground leading the charge. After the enormous critical acclaim received by their debut album Checkmate Savage released on the respected label last year, The Phantom Band continue to plough their robust yet dynamic furrow, to striking effect.

The Phantom Band are certainly aptly named, their particular mix of indie rock guitars and erratic electronics bearing a sort of dark underbelly that brings to mind that thing that goes bump in the night. The alien noises and dirty, grumbling guitars of opener A Glamour may be oddly reminiscent of the malevolent weirdness of Battles, but The Phantom Band are a different beast entirely, a strangely volatile and chameleon-like creature that can be quietly vulnerable one minute and aggressively explosive the next. Indeed, O channels 80s dance-pop, while Come Away In The Dark is a sweet, simple acoustic number filled out by gentle piano and effortless harmonies.

Deep, heavy drums are fundamental here, never pounding, as has become commonplace over the last few years, but rumbling, rolling and generally forming the underlying foundations of each song. The idea that The Wants is a gloomy record isn't entirely accurate either, though. There's a lot of fun to be had with the a cappella style backing vocals of Everybody Knows It's True, the quirky electronics and seductive beat of the aforementioned O, or the bendy, futuristic synths of Walls. The perfect balance between light and dark then.