The NFL has responded to rumours that Jay-Z turned down an offer to play the Super Bowl halftime slot next year, saying that 'no decisions have been made' on the matter as yet.

While his wife Beyonce performed in both 2013 and 2016 to huge fanfare, it seems that the rapper reportedly turned the same opportunity down, due to showing solidarity with NFL player Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick is the player who began kneeling for the national anthem last year in protest and to highlight the oppression of black people in the US and the Black Lives Matter movement. Since the end of the last season he has been a free agent, with many claiming that he has been 'frozen out' because of his willingness to speak out. Jay-Z dedicated 'The Song of OJ' to the player at a recent festival appearance, saying "I want to dedicate this song to any body who was held back and you overcame whatever it was."

Now, however, the NFL has denied that any offer has been made, telling Complex: "“No decisions have been made on the performer(s) and we are not going to speculate on particular artists. Along with Pepsi, we know that we will put on a spectacular show. When it is time to announce her name we will do it. Or his name. Or their names.”