The new video by Dublin trad band The Bonny Men is probably the weirdest, yet most striking you'll have seen in quite a while.

'Earworm' was directed by Gavin FitzGerald, the Irish man behind Liam Gallagher's 'As It Was' documentary. It was also filmed in Dublin's iconic Poolbeg Power Station, which is set to be redeveloped.

It features some spectacular choreography, which was inspired by animal movement, and "explores the torment of the creative process" as the four dancers embody a frog, crocodile, bird and scorpion.

Choreographer Sibéal Davitt took influence from Ari Aster’s recent film 'Midsommar' as well the tribal nature of traditional music, as things get increasingly frantic and dreamlike. The band wear pagan-inspired masks as they whip the dancers into a frenzy and the 'creator' loses control as she descends deeper into a sleep paralysis.

All in all, it's a brilliant video.

Watch it below: