Let's face it, waxworks in general are more than a little bit weird.

Big lumps of wax, carved to look like real people? It's the stuff of horror movies - which makes it an apt time of year for the world's most famous wax museum, Madame Tussaud's in London, to unveil their latest attraction.

The London museum has imported a waxwork of a half-naked Justin Bieber from its Las Vegas museum, and a special 'attraction' involving the dummy will run in London (incidentally, Bieber's 'Purpose' tour kicks off at London's O2 tonight. We're avoiding the obvious joke, here. Give us some credit) until January. 

From October 22nd - 30th, however, Bieber fans can get the full 'experience' which will see dancers dance around the waxwork to the strains of his hit 'Sorry', while 'rain' pours from the ceiling. At least he'll be waterproof, eh?

The bemused/vacant look on 'his' face says it all:

At least this one will be happy to pose for pictures with fans...