Let's face it - even the best festival in the world could always provide a little extra bit of comfort.

Unless you're made of sterner stuff than us (or in your teens or early twenties, which is the same thing), the stamina of any shindig can wear you down.

Luckily, those heading to Longitude this year will have the opportunity to experience a little bit of luxury via the Longitude Lounge.

Some of the features you can expect of the Longitude Lounge include:

- The comfort of plush VIP loos;

- Pick up a quick drink at the Lounge bar;

- Phone charging stations;

- Top quality food and chill out on comfortable indoor and outdoor seating including lazing around on hammocks;

- Music by resident DJs;

- Thermochromic vending machine which will dispense festival prizes based on your body temperature.

Tickets for The Longitude Lounge are available to purchase now, while fans who wish to upgrade their tickets can also do so with Ticketmaster.