Just weeks ago Pete Doherty was mouthing off about how he's been offered millions to reform The Libertines, while Carl Barat still proclaimed he wasn't interested in a reunion.

By all accounts, Barat is coming around to Pete's way of thinking, the pair have now settled the differences that caused the split in 2004, mostly surround Doherty's drug use. In an interview after Wednesday night's NME awards, Doherty said that the Libertines would reform "by hook or by crook", most likely in 2010, while Barat suggested would copy Doherty's attempts at a solo career before any reunion would take place.

Doherty is quoted as saying "The Libertines is going to happen. I didn't twist Carl's arm too far. He doesn't take kindly to it. He's not harder than me, but he's got a nasty streak. Twist it too far and it'll snap."

By reports emerging it sounds like Doherty's got some arm twisting to do yet. Then again it could all be an ingenious scheme to get someone to offer them more money.