Anyone who's been to a gig by The Killers in the past will know that the Las Vegas band always put on a show.

However, Brandon Flowers and his bandmates have probably never been upstaged by a crowdsurfing pensioner before.

That's precisely what happened to the indie rockers at Manchester's Emirates Old Trafford stadium on Saturday night, when a 67-year-old man called Doug (but dubbed 'Billy' by the crowd for some unknown reason) decided it was time to be hoisted aloft.

Unfortunately, 'Billy' was dropped by the crowd and banged his head, but Brandon Flowers stopped the band mid-song and climbed down from the stage to give him a hug and check that he was okay.

He told the crowd "Y'know what he said to me? 'I was enjoyin' meself!'"

The Killers will play Dublin's Malahide Castle this Tuesday and Wednesday - pensioners of Dublin, the floor is yours...