We're well and truly entering the final stretch at Electric Picnic 2013, with Picnickers readying themselves for a final few hours in Stradbally. With Sunday's day-trippers beginning to trickle in, the festival site is beginning to look every inch the 35,000 sell out that festival organisers insisted it was and, with pretty much all of them expected at the main stage shortly after 10pm tonight for Arctic Monkeys.

It's not Arctic Monkeys or bust tonight though; there are numerous attractions to defy sleep for a couple of extra hours and below is where we think some of the best shows of the weekend might well happen.

CATHY DAVEY - Trailer Park 7pm
Given that it's just a few minutes shy of 7pm at the time of writing, we're pretty sure that we'll miss the majority of Cathy's set but if entertainment.ie can summon the energy to job (or at least speed-walk) over there, we should be able to catch the end. (Side note: our smartphone pedometer tells us we've walked in excess of 12 kilometres so far today after a total of 19 kilometres travelled last night. Electric Picnic is BIIIIG).

DAVID BYRNE & ST VINCENT - Electric Arena 8.30pm
St Vincent is a strong enough artist of her own repute that when you combine her with David Byrne (he of Talking Heads fame), good things can only happen. Their 2012 collaboration Love This Giant was one of last year's more intriguing releases, so we're very much looking forward to a live rendition of it.

ARCTIC MONKEYS - Main Stage 10.15pm
Electric Picnic's 2013 headliners, Arctic Monkeys are slowly but definitely beginning to establish themselves as one of the best rock acts on the planet earth. The early material we've heard from the band's upcoming release 'AM' is all pretty much amazing and their headline slot at Glastonbury was also...pretty much amazing. You might be able to tell that we have high hopes for this one.

LE GALAXIE - Body & Soul 12.00am
We can't think of any finer way to bring the curtain down on Electric Picnic with one of the best live bands on this island, Le Galaxie. We truly hope that everyone who's left standing at that time of the night has at least a small bit of energy remaining because - trust us - you're going to need your dancing shoes for this one.