Although the music video hasn't even been fully released yet, Taylor Swift's latest single, Look What You Made Me Do, is already drawing considerable criticism from many quarters.

A short teaser was posted by the official account for the MTV VMAs, which will debut the music video later tonight, which in one shot showed Taylor Swift in a very familiar stance. Here's the teaser in question, just for reference.

So, the shot was at the very end and people have been arguing that it resembles Beyonce's music video for Formation. Again, for reference, here's that video.

So, while it may just be one shot in Taylor's video, it's enough to draw out accusations of cultural appropriation - and it's been pretty well roasted on Twitter, too.


In spite of the fact that it's very similar - too similar, really - the music video director for Look What You Made Me Do has spoken out in his and Taylor's defence. Joseph Kahn, easily one of the most prolific music video directors of our time, was adamant that the video for Look What You Made Me Do is "not in her art space."

Moreover, Kahn says that there's "more" to that shot hasn't been seen yet, which presumably will explain why Taylor Swift is blatantly appropriating someone else's work for her own ends.

Yes, this will all be made clear. Sure.


Via Twitter