Inspired by Oscar Wilde's lecture tour to a small mining town in Colorado in 1881, Japanese butoh dancers Gyohei Zaitsu and Maki Watanabe, guitarist Ed Deane, percussionist Noel Bridgeman, keyboardist Trevor Knight and guest vocalist Madam Mustachio (Cindy Cummings) have combined to form The Devil's Spine Band, who will initiate you in their surreal desert world, combinbing the gritty atmosphere of the Wild West with Japanese Butoh performance and Ireland's finest blues-rock musicians in a stunning visual setting by artist Alice Maher.

The performances will take place at the Banquet Hall @ Smock Alley Theatre from 19th to 21st January (8-11pm on 19th, 20th; 5-11pm)

Tickets will set you back €15 (€12 concession)