Theirs is possibly the most unfortunate band name out there, given the current situation - but it looks like The Coronas are making the most of it.

Back in March, the Dublin band had jokingly tweeted Corona beer in a shared sense of commiseration. Now, in a new interview with Metro, frontman Danny O'Reilly said that the association may be paying dividends.

O'Reilly claimed that their streaming figures are up, and that they have also had interest from some American publications.

"It’s a hard one to judge," he said. "Apparently our Spotify numbers are higher than normal, or so I’ve been told. I can see a greater engagement from our own followers on our social media. I think that’s probably across the board for a lot of musicians.

"I have no idea if it’s a help or a hindrance, only time will tell. It’s something that’s out of my hands, so I’m trying not to worry about it too much. To our own fans and followers, it won’t make a difference. Whether moving further afield that helps us as an angle… magazines in America have wanted to talk to us. But we’re playing the hand that we’re dealt and we’re getting on with it."

The band are due to release their new album on July 31st - their first as a trio, following the departure of guitarist Dave McPhillips.

They recently released their collaboration with Gabrielle Aplin, 'Lost in the Thick of It', which you can hear below: