The Black Keys have never been a band afraid of mixing things up a little. The Ohioan duo, who began as a plain n' simple garage blues act, have developed their sound over the course of the last ten years and seven albums. The culmination of their work was 2011's El Camino, an album which brought them unprecedented success and a handful of hit singles, 'Lonely Boy', 'Gold on the Ceiling' and 'Little Black Submarines', and sold out arenas across the globe.

They discovered the formula for success, so you'd think that they'd be only too happy to repeat it? Well, anyone who is looking for El Camino Part 2 looks set to be disappointed sa new album 'Turn Blue' looks set to be Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney's most diverse record yet.

The album, set for release in the second week of May, contains 11 tracks and, according to drummer Carney, has the "first song we've ever used a sample on."

Album opener 'Weight of Love' is the BK's longest song yet, clocking in a over seven minutes in duration.

"I've never done a guitar solo like that", frontman Dan Auerbach was quoted by NME as saying.

'Turn Blue' was produced by frequent collaborator Danger Mouse. Check out the tracklisting below and listen to the first cut from the album 'Fever' above.

'Weight of Love'
'In Time'
'Turn Blue'
'Year In Review'
'Bullet in the Brain'
'It's Up to You Now'
'Waiting on Words'
'10 Lovers'
'In Our Prime'
'Gotta Get Away'