Last September, Paul Cattermole - formerly of S Club 7 - listed a number of items from his pop heyday on eBay, revealing that he planned to sell the BRIT Award that he won with the pop group for 'Best Newcomer' in 2000.

Sure enough, the 40-year-old put the award up for sale on the auction site last week, and with just hours to go until the auction ends, it's currently at a somewhat ridiculous £66,000+ with 126 bids. What's more, the sale includes the award being hand-delivered by Cattermole to an address 'anywhere in the UK'.

Whether those bids are genuine or not is another matter... but given the update posted by the former pop star - who is not participating in the latest reunion of his band - it seems that he's taking them as such.

"I didn’t expect it too skyrocket like this," he wrote. "I am watching every bid very closely and the vast majority of people have huge feedback. Some in the thousands. If there are some silly bids at the end on Monday I will be deleting them and/or coming strait down the line to the next bidder . So you can bid with full confidence."

See the auction (and place a bid, if you're so inclined and have over £66,000 to burn on a faded pop star's slightly damaged trophy) here.