On Saturday, Forbidden Fruit Festival kicked off for the first time in three whole years. And it's safe to say, we were delighted to be back on its turf.

With the smell of burgers wafting through the air, the throngs of people with pints in their hands, and glitter, so much glitter, absolutely everywhere, we felt like we were truly at our (festival) home today.

Here are the things that were so good yesterday at the festival in Kilmainham, they made us forget about the queues for the bathrooms.


Yum Grub Dub came through with the plant-based fast food — and you'd never guess that their stuff is veggie or vegan; it tastes just as delicious as food for carnivores.

Their "junk food" is succulent and packed with flavour, it's not just your average veggie burger. We had the Double Blinder Cheeseburger and it's the only thing we have been thinking about ever since.


White Claw had their very own stand at the festival and they offered a 4 can selection of White Claw that they popped open for you and used the box as a drinks holder. Genius. And delicious.

Extremely refreshing and light, we really enjoyed these and the new watermelon flavour is a must-taste. It was the trendy thing to be drinking across the weekend.


It's the gig we've been waiting for for five years, so to say we were giddy to see Lorde up on that stage in her baby yellow ensemble would be an understatement.

She gave us the classics like 'Ribs', a little bit of theatrics with 'Melodrama', and of course, tracks from her new album 'Solar Power' that were like musical sunbeams shining on a very mucky, rainy Dublin.

High off the transcendental experience that was Lorde, we headed for the bus very satisfied with a weekend that was straight from our music-loving dreams. The cherry on top? The chinese we devoured once we get home.

What were your Forbidden Fruit Festival highlights from over the weekend?