We're The Academic and we wanted to test your knowledge on some of our favourite tracks.

In recent times with The Academic, as well as watching as many TV shows and movies as possible, and releasing a new EP, we've been keeping our minds occupied by quizzing ourselves to find out which one of us has the best memory. So, we decided we'd have a go at creating our own missing lyric quiz to see how just how well you know your song lyrics.

Stephen asking Dean all of the important questions, like what he ate for breakfast

Choosing a number of our favourite tracks (and a couple of our own) we reckon this might be harder than you're anticipating - because when there's a timer involved, all bets are off.

In case you missed it, you can read our interview with entertainment.ie right here, and be sure to head over to the website and their Instagram page to see how much of a ruckus we are causing with our takeover.

Are you all set for our missing lyric quiz? 3...2...1... Go!

The Academic's new EP 'Acting My Age' is available now.