Just in case you haven't had enough 'Thank U, Next' Ariana Grande has released the bloopers and a deleted scene from the music video.

'Thank U, Next' set YouTube alight when it was released back in November. Earning itself the most views for a music video in 24 hours, it currently stands at having nearly 229 million views.

There was even a Jeff Goldblum parody called 'Thank U, Jeff' which was also all kinds of amazing.

The music video features a number of references to 90's movies such as 'Mean Girls' and '13 going on 30,' as well as 'Legally Blonde.' Jennifer Coolidge's character Paulette even makes a surprise return to the screen for the music video; and it turns out she shot an extra scene that never made it to the final cut.

You can see Coolidge's extra scene below, which involves Paulette going back to her ex's mobile home to retrieve her dog.

The blooper reel which follows also includes some hilarious out-takes from set - including a number of Kris Jenner scenes, and Troye Sivan pre-empting his locker slam scene.


Ariana Grande's next album, also entitled 'Thank U, Next' is due to release at some point later this year. The title track from the album secured the singer's first US number one single.