Tenacious D, the self-proclaimed 'greatest band on earth', will make their long-awaited return to a Dublin stage when they play The O2 on Saturday 20th October in support of their new album Rize of the Fenix.

Jack Black and Kyle Gass, the duo who make up The D, recorded Rize of the Fenix over the course of six years. "We recorded down and dirty in a friend’s garage with a shoestring budget of 600 dollars, much like Nirvana's first album Bleach - or the Beatles first album Help. Rough and yet a masterpiece", said Black of the album. The album features regular Tenacious D collaborator Dave Grohl behind the kit. Many a finger is crossed in the hope that Mr. Grohl might make an appearance at The O2 show.

Tickets are on sale from this Friday at 9am and are priced at €40.