Normally when it comes to music videos and celebrities, you can usually rest assured that there's at least one or two willing to turn up for a cameo.

Take, for example, Paul Simon's 'Call Me Al' and Chevy Chase. For Taylor Swift's 'You Need To Calm Down', there wasn't one, or a couple, but SEVERAL celebrities featured in the three and a half-minute music video. For example, you had all five members of 'Queer Eye', Jesse Tyler Ferguson from 'Modern Family', Billy Porter, RuPaul, eight contestants from 'RuPaul's Drag Race' pretending to be Adele, Taylor Swift, et al, Ellen DeGeneres and even Ryan Reynolds in there for a second.

That's right, they even got Ryan Reynolds (painting the Stonewall Inn, no less). We probably missed loads in all of that as well, but the real celebrity cameo that everyone was interested in was none other than Katy Perry, who came dressed in her burger costume from the Met Gala, with Taylor Swift in a bag of chips/fries costume. Because, yes, rubber burger goes with rubber chips every time.

Pop's biggest feud is officially over.

Here's the music video. Prepare to hear it everywhere across the entire summer whenever you turn on a radio.