When you're the biggest pop star in the world, and have just played the third of three hugely successful and critically acclaimed sold-out nights in Dublin, you might imagine that the afterparty will be suitably glam.

A plush nightclub, perhaps, or the bar of a five-star hotel.

Not for Taylor Swift, however.

The 'Bad Blood' singer and her boyfriend Travis Kelce, as well as her dancers and entourage, instead went to the famous Hacienda bar - one of Dublin's most unusual (and best) pubs.

If you've ever been to the Hacienda on Dublin's Little Mary Street, you'll be aware that it's not your average pub - as you need to ring a buzzer to be let in by owner and barman Shay.

If he likes the look of you, you're free to enter and enjoy the pool tables, jukebox and general laidback atmosphere. As a result of this 'exclusivity', it has become a haven for big stars visiting Dublin after their shows, as well as famous actors and other celebs.

It seems like there was ne'er a Swiftie to be found, as that's where Swift headed after her Sunday night gig - following in the footsteps of the likes of Ed Sheeran and Olivia Rodrigo.

Not only that, but none other than Stevie Nicks and members of the band Paramore, who supported Swift at the Aviva, were in tow, too.

Proprietor Shay usually gets a snap with any celeb that crosses the threshold, but this time said that he didn't want to disrupt "such a warm and genuinely friendly night" by asking for a pic. He added that the crowd were "lovely" and confirmed that it was "a late one".

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