Taylor Swift's highly-publicised return to Spotify certainly put her back in the headlines, but it seems like a profile boost was not the only advantage to her dastardly Katy Perry album release-scuppering plot.

In fact, Swift's bank balance has enjoyed a boost, too - earning an incredible $400,000 (approx. €358,000) in the first week that her back catalogue returned to the streaming service alone.

When you consider how little Spotify pays per stream (less than 1c), this is an incredible figure for just one week - and according to a Nielsen Music report, her songs were streamed 51.5 million times in that one-week period.

That's a 608% jump from the previous week's figure, when her songs were available only on Apple Music and streamed 7.3 million times.

Who says Spotify doesn't pay? You just need to be one of the biggest stars in the world with an appetite for petty revenge, is all...