As you may have heard, Taylor Swift recently announced the first installment of her re-recorded back catalogue.

For reasons mostly pertaining to legal matters and ownership of her older albums - which you can read more about here - the pop star has been in the studio essentially re-doing a large portion of her back catalogue.

The other day, she announced that a re-recorded version of the album 'Fearless', originally released in 2008, was on the way and released a new version of 'Love Story'. There's no official word on a date for the album, but fans have speculated that it's April 9th after a not-so-hidden message came with the announcement.


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Now, it appears that Swift could win a Grammy Award for the new version of her old album, as it is eligible for performance awards, but not for songwriting - as the songs themselves have been in the public sphere before.

A Grammy spokesperson told Billboard: "Current eligibility guidelines would allow for the new performances and albums to be eligible if they were recorded within the last five years. However, none of the older songs would be eligible for songwriting awards."

Nevertheless, six new songs are expected to be included on the new version of 'Fearless', and these would be eligible for songwriting categories.

And it's not like Swift is setting a precedent with this project; Elton John won a Grammy in 1997 forBest Male Pop Vocal Performance for his new version of 'Candle in the Wind', while Roy Orbison posthumously won the same award in 1990 for a new version of 'Oh, Pretty Woman'.

Hear Swift's new 'Love Story' below: