If you've seen any of Take That's recent tours, you'll be aware that the Mancunian man-band sure know how to put on a show, whether you're a fan of the music or not.

Imagine, though - given their longevity, their renaissance and their huge back catalogue of hits over the years - what a Greatest Hits show might entail?

You might not have to wait too long to see it, as according to Gary Barlow a Greatest Hits collection - along with a huge tour - is scheduled for next year and will run into 2019.

He told Chris Evans on his BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show: 'At the end of next year, we've got some kind of greatest hits out. They're trying to put everything onto one package. I'm going to do three or four new songs for that, so I'm starting to write."

He added that tickets for the ensuing tour in 2019 would be on sale "probably at the end of next year", adding: "It's a greatest hits tour, so I think we're actually planning a world tour for that. We've just got to get it past the wives, the last hurdle now.

"We've done the planning, and the agents, promoters. It's just one last hurdle. It's a big hurdle."

While Jason Orange has been ruled out of the band for good, according to recent reports, there's nothing to say that Robbie Williams won't join them on this stint - perhaps he'd fare better mentally in a band setting... 

Hear Barlow's interview below: