Earlier this year, several music festivals in Sweden made headlines following a spate of sexual assaults on women, most notably at the Bråvalla and Putte I Parken events.

A group of women responded by launching a Kickstarter campaign to hold an event that is for women only - and it was sufficiently successful that the first Statement Festival is scheduled for 2018.

The festival, which set (and reached) a fundraising target of 500,000 Swedish krona (€52,000) will be for women only - cis, non-binary and transgender - and no men will be allowed to attend, despite protests and petitions at such an event being held. It is not illegal to exclude a group based on their gender in Sweden, provided that it is made "in good intention."

"If you, as a man or woman, are upset by the idea of ​​a men-free festival, you may instead be upset about how many women are asked to stay home [by] friends and family when they plan to go to the festival or elsewhere," organisers said. "Put your energy on what is actually unfair. You as a man are just offended because you can not do as you like for once, which you are used to."

Dates or acts for the festival have not yet been announced.


Via Billboard