The conspiracy theory surrounding the supposed faking of Tupac Shakur's death has been going on for years, and it looks like it has one believer to this day - record producer Suge Knight.

For those who aren't up on hip-hop and rap history, Suge Knight was actually in the car the night of Tupac Shakur was shot and received head injuries from the gun blasts. In a new documentary titled Who Shot Biggie and Tupac?, hosted by Soledad O'Brien and Ice T, the duo hopes to investigate the night of both Tupac and Notorious BIG's death by interviewing those directly and indirectly involved.

Knight, who was recently arraigned on charges of threatening to murder Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray and is currently in jail awaiting trial for murder, made the extraordinary claims during an interview with Ice T and Soledad.

As he tells it, he saw Tupac the day before he died and "when I left that hospital, me and Pac were laughing and joking."


"So I don't see how somebody could turn from doing well to doing bad," continued Knight. When pushed on the topic by Ice T, Suge Knight replied that "(with) Pac, you never know."

Of course, there's been no hard evidence to suggest that Tupac is still alive - but nevertheless, the conspiracy theory persists.


Via Fox