The latest up-to-date streaming rates across the major platforms make for some pretty grim reading if you're a musician.

The figures, published by The Trichordist, put the figures in stark terms for musicians trying to make a living from streaming rates alone. Right off the bat, the worst offender out of the major platforms was YouTube - offering just 0.0012p per stream.

To put that into context, a song would have to be streamed 833 times for it to earn £1. Spotify, meanwhile, wasn't much better. In order for a single song to reach £1, a song would need to be streamed 357 times. For Apple Music, the song would need to be streamed 185 times.

Not only that, but these figures are also specific to those who publish their own songs via YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music. Even if a musician happened to be signed to a label, the label will likely have to take a slice of that percentage before it goes to them.

More than anything, it proves how live performances are lifelines to musicians, not to mention the likes of merchandise, direct sales via Bandcamp, and not from streaming - and how broken the music industry is in its current form.

Here's a full breakdown.