Kings of Leon have made their soon-to-be-released sixth album Mechanical Bull available for streaming on iTunes ahead of its September 24th release date.

To listen, just visit this link which will play the album through your version of iTunes.

Mechanical Bull comes after KOL's less-than-impressive fifth release 'Come Around Sundown', an album which the band's frontman Caleb Followill admits he didn't give his best efforts to.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Followill said: "I pretty much checked out for that record". He continued by saying he was upset at his bandmates for comments they made publically about him after a particularly bad live show in Dallas in June 2011.

"I was fucking pissed", he said. "I got on a plane and went to New York and was like 'fuck them', you know? And, you know, it hurts. It hurt when I heard that because I've always stood behind them. I stood behind them when we fucking walked offstage because of pigeons. I've always been like a one-for-all, all-for-one type."

Meanwhile, Caleb's bandmate and brother Jared has spoken out about how Mechanical Bull will be the Kings of Leon's "most musically complicated" album to date - but you can judge for yourself by having a listen right now.