If you've ever spent time wondering whether Steve Earle is a Blur or Oasis man, you've got your answer.

Noel Gallagher has been in the press quite a bit lately - both for good and bad reasons - but it seems that the man behind 'Galway Girl' is not a fan.

Earle told The Guardian that he thinks Damon Albarn is a superior songwriter and that Gallagher is seriously overrated.

"I dislike Man City because it is Oasis’s club," he said, when it was noted that he himself is an Arsenal fan. “Noel Gallagher is the most overrated songwriter in the whole history of pop music. They were perfect for the Brit press because they behaved badly and got all the attention. Blur were really great. That guy Damon Albarn is a real fuckin’ songwriter.”

Not sure about you, but we're already looking forward to Noel's reponse...