We first heard of Ste Brown last month when his freestyle rap 'Luck of the Irish' was doing the rounds on Twitter.

The Dublin youngster charmed everyone with mad rap skillz and social awareness with lines like "I'm just a comedic rapper / Spreadin' the word that black lives matter".

Now he's back with a follow-up, called 'Noggin'.

The track - complete with a slick video that takes in local landmarks from his hometown of Sallynoggin - has already been watched 1.5 million times on Twitter and has earned him a new legion of fans.

He's also done wonders for sausie sambo sales, as well as shout-outs to the local Aldi, Woodies and his barber of choice (give the kid free haircuts for life.)

In all seriousness, we're loving his attitude and innovation and look forward to the album. Fair play to you, Ste!

We're not the only ones admiring his style, either...

You can watch more of his work on Instagram or via his YouTube channel.