Status Quo have claimed that the heirs to their throne, Oasis, don't know how to rock out.

Quo guitarist Francis Rossi said that the Gallagher brothers don't inject enough energy into their performances because they're more concerned with their image.

He told The Sun at the weekend: "We're from a generation of acts that are very physical, we put physicality into it, but some of the younger bands don't want to put that physical commitment in. What always comes to mind is Oasis. They call themselves a rock band and they stand there looking at the floor. Bored s**tless they look! I'm not saying they're a bad band, but that to me isn't rock 'n' roll."

He also said that the sibling rivalry between Liam and Noel is contrived and not believable, and that Liam is still 'trying to act like he's 20'.