When people talk about one-hit wonders of the '90s, the usual suspects will inevitably crop up.

You'll have Deep Blue Something, maybe Wheatus ('Teenage Dirtbag' was released in 2000) and probably 2Unlimited will be in there as well. You'll also see Stardust get a mention, but what's fascinating about Stardust is that not only were they a one-hit wonder, they are a one-song wonder.

Stardust have only released one single song, never played a live concert, never toured, and never released an album. Their entire creative output is one song - and it's 'The Music Sounds Better With You', an electro-pop hit that was sampled from Chaka Khan's 1981 album filler track 'Fate'.

The song was the brain-child of Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe and Benjamin Diamond. Bangalter is probably best known to mainstream audiences for being one-half of Daft Punk. The story goes that after the huge success of 'The Music Sounds Better With You', Bangalter - who produced the track with Braxe, with Diamond on vocals - was offered $3 million by Virgin to make an album.

Instead, Bangalter went off to record 'Discovery', whist Diamond and Braxe returned to their solo careers with Stardust being a one-hit wonder.

The track was remastered and uploaded to Spotify last week, with Michel Gondry's now-iconic music video also uploaded in HD to YouTube at the same time as well.

20 years on, it's still an absolute belter of a track.