If you've ever been to a Rage Against the Machine gig, you'll be aware that things can get quite rambunctious, to say the least - particularly if you're in the pit.

However, if you're actually in the band, you might not expect to be involved in any argy-bargy.

Unfortunately for the band's guitarist Tom Morello, that's precisely what happened at their gig in Toronto on Saturday night.

As the band were beginning to play their biggest song 'Killing in the Name', a fan ran up the steps at the side of the stage.

The band's security quickly sprang into action to thwart the stage invader, pushing him into the pit - but in the process, he also managed to rugby tackle Morello off the stage.

Frontman Zack de la Rocha halted the performance while Morello, thankfully uninjured, climbed back on stage to applause and cheers from the crowd. "Don’t try that shit," said de la Rocha. "We’re cool, we love y’all… but don’t do that."

Watch footage below: