It won't come as news to his fans that Bruce Springsteen has a mighty big heart, but even still his latest act of kindness is an impressive feat. The legendary singer, who only last toured in Ireland last summer with his E-Street Band, reached out to Boston band Dropkick Murphys after the marathon bombings to see if he could lend any help to the city. Ultimate hero, that Springsteen.

The result is the new EP released today on iTunes with the aim of raising funds for the victims of the Boston bombings. The Dropkick Murphy's well known song 'Rose Tattoo' was rerecorded with vocals by Springsteen. Two other songs, 'Jimmy Collins's Wake' and 'Don't Tear Us Apart' will also feature on the released EP.

Speaking of the collaboration, the band stated 'Bruce actually called us up the day of the bombing and asked what he could do to help [...]We didn't have to reach out. He was there for us.' Guess he realised all people needed was a Human Touch ha? Irresistible. Dropkick Murphys band member Ken Casey's charity The Claddagh Fund will receive all funds directly. If only they could clone the energy, talent and goodwill of aul Springsteen, humanity would be tantamount to perfection.