Spotify may have more competition from streaming services than it used, but it's still number one when it comes to paid subscribers.

In less than a year, Spotify has added more then 20 million subscribers to its tally, bringing its total figure of Premium Users to 60 million. In March, it announced reaching the 50 million mark with some fanfare, but the 60 million milestone was celebrated more quietly.

The company's closest competitor, Apple Music, has 27 million subscribers as of June 2017.

It seems that the fact that Spotify offers free listening to users (including ads) has made it the go-to service for people who want to stream their music. Apple Music does not offer any free listening outside of its free three-month trial - whereas the total number of Spotify users, including subscribers and free users, was a remarkable 140 million as of June 2017.

In other words, it looks like Apple et al have some way to go to catch them.